In every camp, we will do our core routines of expanding sensory awareness, wandering, befriending local plants and animals, mindful sit spot, storytelling, singing, and thanksgiving. Morning and end circle are times for bonding, sharing and setting the tone of kindness, mindfulness and joy!

There will be lots of time for child-led play, following the emergent imagination of the kids at the very moment. If the children are interested, we will introduce mapping, tracking, journaling, land art and crafts, tree climbing, shallow water play, building forts and fairy houses, drumming, making fire and fire safety. We recognize the benefits of adventurous play yet take many measurements to ensure safety. We co-assess and co-manage risk with the children, so that they learn to acknowledge, manage and overcome risks, in order be exposed to the benefits of risk, rather than the hazards.

(Note that most of SD8 schools are still going but this can fit for Wildflower, Waldorf and homeschooling kids).